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LG readies big, fast OLED screens for gamer desks

Gaming with an OLED doesn’t mean buying a TV screen anymore, and with the latest couple on the way to Australia, they’ll also be super fast, too.

Getting some of the best colour on a TV may lead you to the world of organic light emitting diodes, the TVs with panels and pixels grown in labs, but it doesn’t mean everyone will naturally look that way. There remains plenty of competition in display technologies, and not just in TVs, but also on the desktop, as well.

OLED has been gradually growing for gamers, thanks in part to fast displays that play nicely, something the first OLED TVs didn’t fare too well with. These days, however, the bright colours of an OLED screen can work well with gamers, and not just in the form of televisions.

LG has recently announced two options on the way for gamers with big desks, with a flat 27 inch OLED screen for the desk in the 27GR95QE, plus a massive 45 inch curved model in the 45GR95QE.

Both models are similar, and form part of LG’s UltraGear OLED line-up for the year, getting a super fast 240Hz refresh rate while covering HDR and 98.5 percent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut.

On the flat 27GR95QE (above), you’ll find a 27 inch display with Quad HD’s 2560×1440 resolution, while the curved 45GT95QE offers up the ultra-wide equivalent resolution of 3440×1440 and an 800R curve, which is enough to let you draw the screen in without typically needing to turn your head (and the main reason the curve exists on monitors).

There are no speakers here, but you can find a remote control to tweak the display and likely control the input, jumping from two HDMI 2.1 and a lone DisplayPort connector based on whichever device you want. They also include some colourful lighting on the back, though not quite to the extent of what Samsung offers on the back of its Odyssey screens.

Both screens also use anti-glate low reflection panels, basically making them matte and easy to see in most rooms, with the screen also supporting a four-pole headphone jack for DTS Headphone:X compatible headphones.

“Backed by a decade of OLED technology leadership, the expanded range of LG UltraGear gaming monitors are designed to put gamers in the centre of the action,” said Brad Reed, Head of B2B Marketing at LG Australia.

As for pricing, LG hasn’t quite offered that for Australian buyers just yet, noting that they go into pre-sales from March 22, but not exactly revealing its hand for a price tag om either the 27 or 45 inch UltraGear OLED screens.

However, if you’re interested in either, we’d suggest having that wallet comfortable to spend up, because we don’t expect either OLED gaming screen to be cheap.

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