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HyperX challenges ANC with $159 earbuds

Your choices for noise cancellation on a budget are opening up even more, as gaming brand HyperX offers a sub-$200 pair to go.

No longer arriving with a major premium, active noise cancellation is officially everywhere, offered in earphones and headphones of multiple price points and bringing the bubble of quiet to more people and budgets.

That’s been a little bit of the case for the past couple of years, but lately more than ever, it seems like ANC has reached the point where anyone can find it, regardless of whether they’re using it to listen for music, podcast, or even gaming.

For the last one, HP’s gaming brand HyperX is jumping in with its own take on the category, offering a pair designed for gaming and listening alike while dealing with noise.

While that combination could give it an edge already, HyperX has one more trick up its sleeve, with the ANC-ready truly wireless Cirro Buds Pro earbuds coming to Australia for under $200.

Offered in three colours — tan, black, and blue — the Cirro will use two mics per earbud to handle wind noise and repeatable background sound, while an ambient mode can be switched on to let you hear through the earbuds to the outside world.

While ANC is a part, gamers are clearly the focus, with support for low latency gaming for supported devices, such as your phone, Nintendo Switch, and PC and Mac.

In fact, unlike many other ANC earphones, there’s no mobile app for the Cirro Buds Pro, something HyperX confirmed to Pickr, noting that you can turn noise cancellation on and off easily on the earphones, but there’s no tweaking of the feature like there is with high-end models from Sony or Bose, such as the WF-1000XM4, recently announced WF-1000XM5, or the Bose QC Earbuds II.

However they do come with a major difference: price.

At $159 in Australia, the Cirro Buds Pro are priced very differently from high-end noise cancelling earbuds, and potentially giving them a slight advantage.

They’ll also come with up to 4 hours of battery life in ANC and gaming modes, with an extra four charges in the box for 16 hours, basically hitting 20 all up. Switch the cancellation off and that’ll increase to 7 in the earbuds and 28 in the case, with the whole thing being IPX4 water resistant, also known largely as sweat-proof.

Australians can expect to find the HyperX Cirro Buds Pro online from Amazon now, and possibly in select stores across the country.

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