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Ecovacs set to auto wipe windows with washing Winbot W1 Pro

The latest generation of window cleaners is more than just a spray bottle of Windex and spare time, as Ecovacs improves window cleaning robotics for folks who need it.

Depending on how much you love (or hate) vacuuming, there’s a good chance you’ve looked into or already embraced the robotic vacuum.

With its ability to map rooms and work without assistance, these automated machines can do wonders to clean the floors of your home while you go about your business, giving you some time back you once left for chores.

Interestingly, they’re not the only automated home cleaner around. While you’ve probably heard of robotic lawn mowers, you might be less aware of robotic window cleaners, and these are a thing, as well.

Built for big windows, shower screens, pool fences, and large shiny walls around your home — such as those in the bathroom — robotic window cleaners are essentially the modern approach to leaving the Windex in the cupboard and letting a gadget do this chore for you, as well.

The latest in that style is from Ecovacs with a new model of its “Winbot” coming in the Winbot W1 Pro. It’s a vacuum robot designed to stick to a wall using suction, but also climb using soft tread, moving up and down a slick surface and spraying with two jets of water, cleaning with a cross spray and moving in a way to ensure the surface is mapped and cleaned.

Built to hold onto a surface, there’s a suction power of 2800Pa, which may not be as much as your vacuum, but should be enough to keep the Winbot W1 Pro adhering to the surface as it climbs a window to spray and clean, using its “Win-Slam” technology to drive cleaning through one of three modes: fast clean, deep clean, and spot clean.

We’re told the strength of that suction also keeps the Winbot working with a firm wipe, doing the heavy work you don’t want to do.

There’s also a technology to detect the edges of frameless windows in here, able to adjust a cleaning route based on the frame of a glass wall, and there’s also an app to let you control the Winbot directly, or even have it tell you what it’s doing.

Mostly, it seems that the Winbot W1 Pro is designed to help people clean slick surfaces without needing to do it themselves, which reminds us very much of what robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to do, as well.

Worth noting is that this isn’t Ecovacs first robotic window cleaning rodeo, with the company showing versions of this technology off years ago. Rather, this is the latest improvement on that theme, and one set to arrive for under the thousand dollar mark locally.

In Australia, the Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro can be found for a recommended retail price of $799, with available in stores and online now.

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