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Disney celebrates 100 with a pop-up store in Australia

Disney brings a store to Australia, but it’s a limited run

Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars fans aplenty might want to turn to their wallets for a local Disney presence, albeit one that won’t be here for long.

If you’re anything like me and spend way too much time in the world of Disney, you may find yourself a parent, or maybe just someone who fell in love with Disney from an early age.

Around the Stark residence, you can find a Disney-connected item on almost every shelf and corner.

A WALL-E sitting along every other Star Wars droid in the office. A homemade blue and red umbrella in the bedrooms inspired by the Pixar short. A Baymax mug in the kitchen always staring out at everyone. And a heap of toys and books and clothing and items aplenty in the rooms of the kids. Even the big kids masquerading as adults.

In this household, Disney is everywhere, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s like that in many others across Australia.

A Baymax mug stares at people in the kitchen.

For families and households like that, they may be interested to know Disney will have a store in Australia, but only in a “kinda sorta” way.

Australians looking for good Disney merch typically have to either turn to the Disney US store with terrible shipping prices, the less impressive Disney UK store with marginally better shipping prices (provided you spend a lot), or the recent Disney Singapore store with less selection but better shipping prices. Those choices are not great, and Disney hasn’t offered a store in this country for so long, we’re not even sure it officially did.

However, the movie and TV giant may well be testing the waters again, running pop-up stores across the country from March until October depending on where you are.

The Disney Store Pop-Up locations will run in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland, appearing at Westfields to celebration Disney’s 100th anniversary, with merch from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, some of which will be connected to Disney Parks.

If you’re interested and in one of the states where the Disney stores will be, you can expect to find them on:


  • Westfield Bondi Junction from March 14 until May 1
  • Westfield Miranda from May 16 until June 16
  • Westfield Parramatta from July 4 until August 18
  • Westfield Chatswood from August 24 until October 16


  • Westfield Fountain Gate from March 16 until May 5
  • Westfield Southland from May 20 until July 10
  • Westfield Doncaster from August 1 until September 22


  • Westfield Chermside from March 18 until May 8
  • Westfield Carindale from May 18 until July 12
  • Westfield Mount Gravatt from August 8 until October 2

Australia doesn’t have a Disney Park like Disneyland or Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, despite there being rumours of one for so, so long. Rather, Aussies need to pony up the money and fly out to one of the nearby parks, such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, or go the original in Anaheim, California.

Much like how a Disney Park appears pretty much every major nation near and outside Australia, so too does a Disney Store, with this pop-up possibly the company testing the waters. We’ve checked with folks locally, and no one would officially say whether there was any news on a dedicated presence in Australia, but did note other Disney things would be happening at Westfield locations throughout the year.

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