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Acer has an Intel Core Ultra PC in December’s Swift Go 14

While most PCs armed with Intel’s shiny new Core Ultra tech are being set for release next year, Acer has something ready to go now.

New computers are on the way thanks in part to new chips, because with Intel’s Core Ultra AI-based hardware announced, a new generation of PC hardware is set to arrive in the new year.

We’re sure that CES 2024 will deliver much of that in the next few weeks, and Lenovo has already given us a glimpse of what’s to come, but there’s also a more drawn out release date for what’s been talked up.

Specifically, it’s more like “the first few months of next year”, because that’s when Lenovo’s gear is coming out. Isn’t anything coming sooner?

If the idea of an AI PC you could find now ahead of the new year is interesting, you may want to check out something Acer has in store.

Granted, the company already has AI onboard an AMD laptop we checked out earlier, but if an Intel AI-based chip is more your go, Acer’s Swift Go 14 looks to be a possibility, too.

The Swift Go 14 is a 14 inch laptop sporting an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H chip with a battery life of up to 12 hours, arriving with an OLED display, WiFi 6E, and some other bits of high-end tech. It’ll also sport an aluminium casing and weigh 1.32kg, and comes with an Australian release date of this month locally, December 2023.

You’ll need to specifically look for the Core Ultra Swift Go 14 model of “SFG14-72” simply because the Swift Go 14 has existed before, but it should be found in Australia shortly.

Acer’s Predator Triton Neo 16

That’s distinct to Acer’s other Core Ultra announcement, the Predator Triton Neo 16, a gaming machine sporting a 16 inch display, Geforce RTX 40 series graphics, a cooling system, and those shiny new Intel Core Ultra chips, as well.

Like other Core Ultra laptops, the Acer Predator Triton Neo 16 has an expected release date of next year, likely in April to June, and no price, but it is coming, likely alongside several other Core Ultra gaming laptops.

We’re not sure we’d be game to bring the Acer Swift Go 14 to the beach, but each to their own.
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