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Sony’s PS VR2 to arrive in 2023

Fans of the PlayStation’s foray into virtual reality won’t see its PS5 follow-up this year, as the PS VR2 misses 2022, heading to stores next year instead.

Your wallet may have a bit of a reprieve this year, at least if you were considering grabbing an up and coming virtual reality headset to go with a rare-as-hen’s-teeth console, with Sony officially noting that we won’t see an anticipated gadget make this year.

The PS VR2 has been hinted at numerous times this year, and while we expected the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset would see a holiday launch period to cash in on the typical holiday buying buzz, it seems the end of this year is not to be, with early next year now the time.

The news arrives this week courtesy of the Sony PlayStation Instagram feed, which offers up a render of the headset and controllers, and a comment of “Coming early 2023”. That means if you were expecting to play some PlayStation 5 games in VR over the holidays, you may want to put those dreams off until next year, because that’s when you can expect to see it.

This may actually be good news, mind you, because while we’re excited to see how the new headset would handle the latest games, and how the experience plays out, it would sure be nice to see PlayStation 5 supply meet demand just that little bit better, maybe in time for this holiday season.

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