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Sony shares the look and feel of PS5 VR2

The information is trickling out for Sony’s next-gen VR headset, as a 2022 launch date edges ever closer.

It mightn’t still be easy to find a PlayStation 5 over a year and a half since its release, but the news is at least easier to find for one of the upcoming accessories, and a hotly anticipated one, at that.

This week, Sony has released details of what its upcoming PS VR2 headset will look like, a good year since announcing it was working on a PlayStation 5 VR headset and with some details about the resolution and hardware it will use earlier this year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony is talking up how the new models are inspired by the PlayStation 5, something obvious in the design. However Sony is also looking to improve the ergonomics from the original model, keeping an adjustable headband and scope, but allowing the lens to be adjusted and including a motor for force feedback in the headset itself, like DualShock for your hands except for your head.

We already know that there will be sensors inside the headset to help with spatial awareness inside the camera, forgoing the need for a camera to track the headset like in the first one, but there will also be a vent to let air out and increase ventilation.

It will also rely on one cord, plugging you into the PlayStation 5, because like the original, the PS VR2 won’t be a cordless VR headset. You’ll be tethered, but your controllers won’t be, with wireless VR2 Sense controllers supported by the system.

As for the release, there’s still no word on that, but we imagine we’ll start to hear more about that by the middle of the year, with a launch before the holidays. That’s a long way away, so hopefully Sony can also ramp up and deal with supply chain issues in that time and make it easy to find a PlayStation 5 to go with the PS VR2 headset.

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