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Sony amps up a party speaker for use with your TV

A big speaker with lots of lights and sound is on the way, and it’s even going to work with your TV, handy if you’re watching sports with friends.

Sony’s Muteki range might not be the line it once was, but the company is still dabbling in the space, building big speakers made to make a dent on sound at a party complete with lights for all the action.

And now that people are going back to that whole party vibe, it’s about time for Sony to release something new, building a bigger Bluetooth speaker that comes packing a little bit more.

The latest is the SRS-XV900, a variant of the big party speaker that will measure near the height of your legs and is built for omnidirectional sound.

Like other party speakers, there’s support for a microphone with a line-in, plus an extra for either a microphone or an instrument, so it can be used for playing live music, but its primary mode will likely be a Bluetooth speaker, talking to phones, tablets, and computers to play back sound.

That’s normal for most wireless speakers, however this may go beyond that of others given it can also talk to TVs. An optical cable is included in the box to let you plug the XV900 speaker into a TV and boost the sound using the speaker, making it a potential option for outdoor viewing during a game, or even connecting to a projector for night-time movies in the backyard.

Sony notes the XV900 can also be wirelessly connected to other Sony wireless speakers, so if you have some of the smaller ones, you can expand the sound considerably, connecting it up to 100 speakers, we’re told.

There’s a good 25 hours of battery life in the speaker, plus a handle to move it around, but perhaps unsurprisingly, it also comes with a hefty price. Not necessarily as much as where Soundboks pitches its party speakers, but not exactly insignificant either.

As such, Australians can expect to find the Sony SRS-XV900 in stores in mid-October, where it’ll fetch $1299 locally.

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