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Seagate celebrates Star Wars with a few new drives (but not hyper)

Looking to show how much you love Star Wars with your computer? Wallpaper can get you some of the way, but Seagate also has a couple of new backup options decorated to match.

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars Day without a movie tie-in somehow, and while Sphero’s droids you can program are largely a thing of the past, the force clearly is still with Seagate, and its collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm for Star Wars-linked merchandise.

Earlier this year, it was Seagate-made Star Wars linked external drives inspired by The Mandalorian, and a few months later, that appears to continue, with 2TB external drives sporting paint jobs of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, and Grogu (The Child), complete with some art on the back, as well.

Like the Star Wars Beskar drives from earlier on, there’s another RGB light strip on the edge, with support for USB 3, though the drives are hard disk based and not the speedy solid state drives like Samsung’s T7 and WD’s My Passport SSD. That is to say these are are external hard drives, but not hyper drives (*boom-tish*).

Still, they’re a way to connect that fan love for films with something necessary — backing up — and Australians can find them in stores from mid-May for $125 locally.

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