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Razer taps Hello Kitty for a different look at gaming

Gaming gear from Razer is often green — very green — or maybe even black, as well. But its latest collaboration is decidedly more pink and playful.

Look at gear for gamers and you can be pretty quick to guess the colour schemes gear and merch makers think they should wear: black, green, red, and bright blue dot the landscape, with accessories and peripherals that reflect the colour scheme of something edgy, often with LEDs attached.

We’ve seen the red-lit keyboards and hyper-green headphones, and even some very interesting styles of gamer chair that we suspect not everyone would look too kindly on if we had these in the office, and now Razer is showing off a slightly different look, thanks in part to a special edition collaboration.

You’ve probably seen the assortment console special editions in the past, but we’ve not yet seen the anime “Hello Kitty” make the jump to gaming gear, at least not in modern gaming gear. And now we have. Don’t tell our daughter, or Butters in South Park.

Razer’s collaboration is a very bright approach to the normally dark and edgy green gear we see from the gaming brand, with a Hello Kitty DeathAdder Bluetooth mouse, a Hello Kitty Goliathus mouse pad, a Hello Kitty Kraken Bluetooth headset, a Hello Kitty Iskur X gaming chair, and — if you can believe it — a Hello Kitty lumbar cushion.

We’re not sure anyone ever asked for a Hello Kitty lumbar cushion, but they probably also didn’t expect us to write “Hello Kitty” seven times in one paragraph. Whew.

The collaboration isn’t just about the pink colour and style the brand brings, but some of the extras, such as the headphones getting the icon’s ears and bow, making them one of the more cute pairs of wireless headphones we’ve seen in ages, even of they’ll come at a hefty $219.95 price, making them not for kids. In fact, with the chair going for $799.95 in Australia and the cushion for $119.95, the line isn’t really for kids, but rather fans of the brand.

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