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Furniture meets games as Anda arrives with gaming chairs

Gamers have different everything. Different keyboards. Different mice. Different desks. And now different chairs, too.

Sit down, because you’re going to want to read this if you’re not happy with your desk chair. Given how different the chairs can be, it’s hardly a surprise.

There’s no shortage of seating options, mind you, but if you’re sitting at your desk for long periods of time in intense focus, maybe because you’re working away or even if you’re gaming away, there’s actually now a class of chair focused on your needs. We wish we were kidding about this.

Essentially, it’s a seat focused on offering multiple sitting and sleeping angles, because some people don’t go to bed, and instead may need a nap. It’s a little like a seat in business class, whereby it can sit up properly, but then lie back so you can take a nap when you feel like it, awaking when your computer decides to tell you if something is happening.

One such brand has rocked up in Australia, Anda Seat, arriving in what is expected to be a growth area, offering ergonomic chair designs for gamers used to sitting at their desks, and looking for a way to optimise their setup in a way that doesn’t negatively impact their health.

The company has previously developed race car seats, with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz appearing on its resume, so seems ideal for building a chair that involves long periods of sitting, such as might be ideal for race car drivers doing exactly that.

Granted, sitting at your desk for long periods of time may well be very different to sitting in a car, but the idea is that both people may be looking for a chair that provides long term comfort without excess pressure, resulting in a form of seating that may be better for your health and the long periods of time you’re sitting.

Locally, the Anda Seat chairs offers lumbar support, a neck pillow, and a 4D arm rest that can be angled in all directions, with the seat using memory foam in the design to provide pressure relief for people sitting on it. The bodies and designs of the chair almost seem conformed to someone to be sitting in them, complete with pillows for neck and waist, and up to five settings for angles to work with, offering between 90 degrees (upright) and 160 degrees (near flat sleeping) of position to sit at.

Granted, it’s not a real leather seat, with the chairs apparently offering a “premium PVC leather”, the plastic variation that can reportedly last for up to five years without peeling. Some of them even let you express your adoration for Marvel characters, with those designs thrown in.

There are normal designs, mind you, with “normal” being a black or a burgundy, because not everyone will want to sit on Captain America or Iron Man, and may want something a touch more office-like as well.

We’ve not yet tried them, but the idea is interesting: a specific type of chair for a specific type of person used to sitting at their desk for long periods of time. Specifically gamers, and not the style Razer’s prototype from CES this year offered, which included a vary large screen attached to the design, or even Acer’s from a few years ago, which was a similar idea.

Rather, Anda Seat’s arrival in Australia appears to be focused more on normal chairs for gamers who need a chair focused on them. They’ll find them online and at select stores, including EB Games, Officeworks, and Bunnings, available from $370.

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