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Motorola brings a big fast screen to sub-$200 in E22i

Big phones needn’t always be expensive, and Moto’s latest shows the price can fall even if the features don’t always have to.

Buying a phone doesn’t always have to be an exercise in how much money do you have to empty from your wallet to get something sizeable and feature packed. You only need to look to the world of budget and mid-range phones to see how that’s changing lately, and there’s a new model on the way from Motorola with that in mind.

Coming with a big size but not necessarily a big spend is a new entry in Moto’s “E” series, a range that has long been focused on budgets, just before the mid-range “G” series, and clearly under the “Edge” range which is basically the high-end of the mid-range for Moto.

Rather, the E series sits in the budget options, and the latest, the E22i, aims to provide a sizeable 6.5 inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, providing a little bit more performance with slick views, though not quite the 120Hz and higher you can find in more expensive phones.

Motorola is also pairing that display with Atmos-capable speakers, which is to say you’ll get a virtual 3D sound when playing sound, but not necessarily the full 3D sound experience a proper Atmos sound system can deliver.

There are two cameras on the back along for the ride, covering a 16 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera, while the front selfie camera is a 5 megapixel module, as well.

This is coming in a $179 phone, and while that might seem like a steal, there are aspects that clearly fall under. Take the specs, which will see a MediaTek Hello G37 processor alongside a paltry 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, and the “Go” edition of Android 12, the lightweight Android that tells you this is a budget phone, and may lack the performance of higher priced siblings.

However, the Moto E22i is also under $200, which might make the argument just that little bit easier if you don’t need performance and just crave a big screen for a little entertainment and more for not much.

Moto’s E22i is available shortly outright in Australia for $179, with Vodafone getting it from November 16.

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