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Mophie set to jumpstart phone, car with new power packs

Giving your phone a boost of life is possible with any power pack, but with Mophie’s latest, they could help your car in a pinch.

Regardless of the car you drive, there’s always a chance the power could cut out much like how your phone’s battery can just run down at times. Most of us have lived through the latter and survived by charging a phone with a power bank, but if you’ve had to deal with the former, you know a car’s battery needs a bit of a power boost, albeit from a more hefty power solution.

Interestingly, it’s an area phone battery bank members are dabbling in, and in Mophie’s latest gear, that is clearly the focus.

Three sizeable battery banks are on the way to Australia, each targeting more than just phones, with car jumpers included.

There’s the $180 Powerstation Go Rugged Compact, the $200 Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight, and a more expensive variation in the $280 Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor, with each focused not just on returning life to your phone or tablet, but also your car if you need it.

The first two are variations on a theme, with the Go Rugged Compact offering an 8100mAh battery with a small light on the end, and options to either plug in USB cables or a jumper cable to kickstart your phone, while the “Flashlight” option increases the power to 9900mAh and builds the design in the style of a torch. Mophie calls it a flashlight, which as most Aussies know is the American term for torch. It’s both, and a charge for phone, tablet, and car.

The third is a little different, effectively doubling the power to a 15,000mAh battery, while also arriving with air nozzles to inflate tyres, and maybe not just those on a car. It should be possible to use the Go Rugged Air variation to inflate bike and pram tyres, too, and even an air mattress should you need to inflate one of those, as well.

“The addition of rugged to our existing power station go lineup gives customers another option for power while on-the-go,” said Gavin Slevin, Managing Director for Zagg, the company that owns Mophie.

“We are excited to equip users with another multifunctional and affordable portable power option for peace of mind while on the road,” he said.

All three Mophie Powerstation variations are heading to stores across Australia now.

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