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DALL-E imagines a robot painting art

AI art at anyone’s fingertips as DALL-E skips the waitlist

If you’re keen to turn words into images, one of the more complex AI art experiments has opened up to all.

We’re not all living on the edge of technology, but if you’ve been interested in trying that whole automatic art made from words thing, you’re definitely thinking about embracing an aspect of the future that few have tried.

A bit like Disneyland for your imagination, artificial intelligence art generation systems are easily one of the more interesting time wasters you can find, with these image generation systems able to turn mere words into complex imagery the likes of which could make you think it was made by a human.

Sometimes they’re a total disaster, but other times they’re very impressive, and even though there are a few out in the world, some of the most powerful have been closed off in beta, requiring a waitlist.

That’s certainly the case for OpenAI’s DALL-E, which required you to sign up to a waitlist before jumping in and creating art from text. It’s been in a preview state for several months, but the good news is in: anyone can sign up to DALL-E and give the system a good test with their own words and imagination.

According to its makers, DALL-E is still technically in beta, with over 1.5 million users creating more than two million images per day. That’s a staggering growth from the 200 it launched with in April, and now anyone can try it, joining those numbers significantly.

A DALL-E prompt of a dog as a regal princess

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