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LG’s MoodUp fridge turns kitchens into works of Mondrian

Your fridge is hardly a work of art, but with an unusual take on the refrigerator LG is showing at IFA, it could end up looking as if it was conceived by one of the greats.

Piet Mondrian may not be on the lips of every person out there, but there’s a good chance if you’ve seen the artwork, even if you don’t know the name. Mondrian’s image of colour blocks is known even if his name isn’t, an it could well be the look of your kitchen based on something LG has been toying with, and showing off at IFA this year.

The latest fridge concept from LG is called the “MoodUp”, and it changes the fridge by incorporating light-up LED panels for each forward-facing section, with the ability to customise the colours in up to 22 options using the LG ThinQ app, which LG uses for functions on its devices.

LG’s choice of colours isn’t just to make the fridge stand out, though. It also has motion sensors that will flash colours on the fridge as someone approaches, acting as a sort of a welcome greeting, while the freeze will reportedly glow at night to help people find a snack when it’s dark.

Alternatively, it could just make your fridge look like it has a gatekeeper inside and it’s time to call the Ghostbusters.

A colour changing fridge isn’t the only thing that makes the LG MoodUp interesting. The fridge also features a Bluetooth speaker built in, so you can connect to it using a phone, tablet, or computer, and have it play music.

If you don’t already have a smart speaker in your kitchen, this could be the way to turn a fridge into a boombox of sorts, and one that changes colour, no less.

Judging on the pictures, LG’s MoodUp appears to support the company’s “knock knock” feature to view what’s in the fridge’s top right compartment, plus we’re told it features WiFi, Bluetooth, and voice assistant functionality, too. For what reason, we’re not quite sure, but we’ll find out if and when LG brings the MoodUp to Australia.


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