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IKEA expands music-inspired Swedish House Mafia home additions

Building a home studio or kitting out your office could get more interesting, as an IKEA collaboration delivers more.

You’ve probably seen bands collaborate in tech before, but you mightn’t have seen bands make a dent in furniture and tech before, which is something IKEA is dabbling with overseas, and Australia might see a piece or two from in the coming months.

Earlier this year, IKEA noted it was working with electronic artists Swedish House Mafia for a desk, a chair, and a record player, and it appears more is well and truly on the way.

With its latest effort, the artist and IKEA’s collaboration results in some tech to outfit your home in a way to almost turn it into a home studio of sorts, or even just make it a little bit more focused on sound.

And being focused on sound is something IKEA has been making more of an effort with. The famous Swedish furniture maker has been gradually getting into audio technology more and more, with its Sonos collaboration Symfonisk providing some very interesting options in prior years. Its most recent arrival, the Symfonisk Frame, may well be the first time we’ve seen furniture and speaker really come to a point anyone can have without needing a complex home install.

In the Swedish House Mafia collaboration of Obegransad set to be released later this year, the idea is to make the home studio more accessible, and to give anyone the ability to make a working space into something they could use in a sound way, pun intended.

“What we’re coming out with IKEA, I think that’s more than enough for people to make music,” said Swedish House Mafia.

“To have a studio these days, it’s a very expensive thing. I think this is smart. I think this is where we’re all heading. To be home. It should be easy, it should be everywhere.”

The range covers 20 items, including the already announced record player, plus some new gear including lamps, a clock, stands for speakers and laptops, various bags, and even a reinvention of the IKEA Kallax bookshelf, which is sized almost perfectly to match records (we use it for records and books), and which has seen a remake to include some extra space up top for amplifiers and set-top units.

The Swedish House Mafia remix of a Kallax bookshelf now offers a little more space up top to cover extra gadgets you might want to keep alongside your records, such as stereo amps and such.

For folks who want to do up their home office a little or even make a room into a makeshift music studio, the collaboration could see something easier than logging onto IKEA Hackers and hacking together some furniture to do something other than what IKEA sells it for.

Locally, however, finding the IKEA Obegransad Swedish House Mafia collection may well be a touch problematic, with the furniture giant not yet talking about what exactly is being released in Australia. IKEA’s local arm has told Pickr that October is when we can expect some of the pieces, but as to what is coming, that hasn’t yet been said.

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