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IKEA adds a floor lamp to Sonos Symfonisk speakers

Basically a Symfonisk on stilts, there’s a new speaker on the way for Sonos systems that can also light up your room, and maybe your life.

The year may be ending and gadget releases may be slowing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at what’s on the horizon, and there are already gadgets on said horizon.

One of those will be coming in January, as IKEA looks set to expand its range of Sonos speakers in the Symfonisk range, updating it with a speaker lamp like the original, but with one that doesn’t need a table, a bench, or anything else. Rather, it’s a floor lamp speaker, in that it’s basically the Symfonisk lamp speaker you could find before it, but sitting on a stand made of three legs and a base to bring it all together.

That’ll make up the Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker, which will basically be floor standing lights and floor standing speakers in the one unit, which could make for a decent little rear speaker addition to something like a Sonos Ray or Sonos Beam, or maybe even a Sonos Arc if you happened to want to expand that in the background.

The speakers still appear to lack the microphone and voice assistant technology found in the Sonos One, making them a little like Sonos Play:1 speakers, but built into a lamp design, with a spot for a lightbulb and a light switch. Part of the Sonos system, it’ll work with the Sonos app natively, but also play with the IKEA hub for smart products, so it can trigger smart home scenes with other IKEA gear you may or may not have.

While the release of the Symfonisk Floor Lamp isn’t scheduled until next month, it does look like IKEA has been making minor updates of sorts, expanding the art on the Symfonisk Picture Frame speaker with some actual limited edition art, covering Da Vinci, Klimt, and even Van Gogh. Yes, it appears you can make The Starry Night sound like something.

We’re not sure how long Ikea’s actual art will stay released for the speaker, but at least it has a price, tagged at $40 individually, compared with the Symfonisk Floor Lamp, which isn’t locally priced yet, but will likely be between $299 and $399 when it launches in January.

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