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Foxtel ups the 4K sports goodness in 2022

Finding 8K content for 8K TVs is still largely impossible, but at least there’s more 4K goodness in the world, as Foxtel adds to the choices.

While the world of 8K content is still a bit of a black hole, even the world of 4K is building up in availability. Never mind that 4K TVs have been out for yonks, the catalogues are still building up, with plenty on streaming services — Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Amazon, and Apple TV, we’re looking at you — but notably less for live TV.

In fact, as far as live TV goes, there isn’t much at all for you to watch with picture perfect 4K detail.

You won’t find it on free-to-air in Australia, as stations don’t broadcast in higher than 1080p Full HD, if that, so if you do want something live in 4K Ultra HD, you may need to turn to cable.

In Australia, that choice might as well be one place — Foxtel — which is updating its 4K availability this year, sporting sports, sports, and more sports on Foxtel Sports, which will air select events in 4K Ultra HD. Don’t expect 8K content, because there’s still not much of that, but at least live 4K will be a thing, provided you like football, F1, or golf.

Specifically, the 4K content will come with 29 games of the 2022 NRL season, 35 games of the 2022 AFL season, Holes 11, 12, and 13 of the 2022 Masters Tournament, and every practice, qualifier, and race of the 2022 Formula 1 racing season.

“This year sees us continue to invest in 4K UHD content and technology to get the best live sports experience from the field or race track all the way to our subscribers’ homes in brilliant 4K UHD,” said Foxtel’s Nick Dandy.

Getting those 4K streams won’t be something you can find on Binge, though, because that maxes our at 1080p Full HD. Rather, Foxtel is limiting it to subscribers using its boxes, needing either an IQ4 or IQ5 box and a connection to the net.

As to how much 4K content that will cover, Foxtel says it’s around 200 hours, which you can expect when the events kick off.

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