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Dyson offers free filters to fan owners (with a catch)

Owners of a Dyson fan with a purifier built in could just get themselves a new fan free of charge. All they need to do is snap their filter and be quick about it.

If you own an air purifier, you mightn’t be aware of the consumable that sits inside, and that it needs replacing every so often.

Much like how you might need to clean out the lint filter in your washing machine, you also need to have a clean filter inside of a purifier, but they work a little differently. You can clean out the lint filter yourself, much like how you can clean the filters on your air conditioner or rangehood.

The same isn’t quite true of an air purifier, which is often just replaced when it reaches its end-of-life, typically when it’s been used to the end of being useful.

That’s the case for pretty much every purifier that we’ve seen, and means air filters are a consumable in the device they’re in: if you have one, replacing the filter is just a regular part of life, albeit something you don’t have to do too regularly.

For owners of a Dyson fan with a purifier in it, 2022 may actually be the year you can save some money provided you act quickly.

Across Australia and New Zealand, Dyson is offering a free filter for owners of a Dyson Pure fan, be it the Pure Cool or Pure Hot+Cool models, provided they snap a picture of their filter and post it to Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #DysonDirtyFilter, and then fill out a form.

The idea is nice — a clean filter ahead of bushfire season is a welcome concept! — but the promotion is more of a competition, and does require folks to act now. According to Dyson’s terms and conditions, the freebies will be handed out to the first 300 entrants, which means you may need to act very quickly in order to snag one of the free filters.

We’re checking with Dyson to see if its promotional period will be extended to a larger number of customers across Australia and New Zealand, but right now, if you want the freebie, better act fast.

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