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D-Link preps a WiFi AX router with 4G built-in

If the NBN isn’t doing your home or business well, D-Link’s latest router brings a backup to the front, with support for 4G on-board.

You can improve your wireless network connection at home so that everything is connecting beautifully, but if your broadband isn’t great, you’re probably not going to be having the best experience.

The NBN might help there, but it also might not, and when things go down or don’t work properly, well, you might want to consider mobile internet. If you’re already in that boat, you may already know that mobile broadband solutions aren’t typically made for standard network devices. However, there are some products, and D-Link’s latest looks to bring high-speed WiFi and Ethernet to the world of 4G.

It’s not an area D-Link has shied away from, either, with 4G mobile routers coming from the company before, but in the latest, the G415 smart router, we’re seeing support for WiFi 6’s 802.11ax in the device, an upgrade for sure.

The G415 AX1500 sits in D-Link’s recent Eagle Pro set of mesh routers, which this reportedly works with, meaning it’s a mesh router that can connect to the other D-Link Eagle mesh devices, and has the opportunity to use one of two internet connections: standard fixed-line broadband (what every wireless router supports in Australia) and a 4G SIM.

Basically, it’s D-Link’s alternative to what Telstra offers in its home broadband Smart Modem solution, with the ability to support 4G mobile as a backup, provided you have the spare SIM and data to use it. Alternatively, unlike Telstra’s, you can switch to the 4G connection as a main, and use up to a Category 4 LTE connection, with as much as 150Mbps down.

D-Link notes, however, that the router can turn one connection on when the other fails, so if your fixed line broadband is patchy or due to go down and you have a SIM with data loaded into the G415, it will switch to a 4G connection when the fixed broadband goes down, and back again when it’s up again. In short, D-Link’s G415 could offer a backup plan.

The other main point is that it supports WiFi 6’s high speed and range, supporting up to 1500Mbps of bandwidth through its connection, complete with three Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back (and one Gigabit WAN port for fixed line), as well as some artificial intelligence to optimise the traffic and network activity.

Locally, the D-Link G415 Eagle Pro 4G router will be priced at $299.95, though that SIM card with 4G data is optional, and will need to be considered separately.

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