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BlueAnt ready for summer with a compact budget speaker

Bringing music with you on a day trip can often mean carrying a big speaker, but Australia’s BlueAnt has something much smaller in mind for little adventures.

If you’re preparing for a walk, a trip, or an adventure or two as the warmer months kick in, you might be thinking of a way of taking your music with you to share, and that’s typically where the phone comes in. While your mobile has speakers on board, they’re typically not what we’d call loud, especially not if you’re in a group for dinner, by the pool, or maybe sitting around swapping stories sometime.

There are of course big options for speakers, and that’s an area Australian sound specialist BlueAnt has played in before, but its latest gadget is less like the big X4 karaoke speaker or the even bigger X5 variation.

Going in the opposite direction, the X0i is a compact model priced to be inexpensive, and packing in a little bit of power into a very small size.

There’s a 45mm driver inside of a small box complete with a loop, so you can strap it to a bag or hang it around a wrist, and it brings with it up to 13 hours of battery life in an IP56 splash-resistant design, working with Bluetooth to play sound loudly either through the one speaker, or if you have two, through both in a “duo” mode.

“The sound separates it from others in this size and price point,” said Taisen Maddern, Founder and CEO of BlueAnt.

“We’ve ensured the highs are crystal clear and that customers will be able to feel the bass – it’ll rock the palm of the customer’s hands,” he said. “It packs a punch, and if you take two together, you’re bringing a mini-surround system with you in your two pockets.”

The size may be one drawcard, but the price is definitely another, with the BlueAnt X0i arriving online and in Telstra stores for $69 each.

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