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Apple raises subscription prices for Apple Music, TV, One

It’s been a week since Apple introduced new iPads, and with them new prices for iPad models, but the prices rises won’t be stopping there.

Everything is going up in price, and your entertainment spend is likely the next thing to see a few extra dollars spent monthly.

While Spotify has yet to add to its monthly price, barely a day after research showed how Australians would prefer to cut back on food spending rather than entertainment, one of their entertainment sources received a bit of a price shift. An upward price shift.

Apple has joined the chorus of other players with a price change, as it increases prices, likely due to changing conditions of the dollar, though we wouldn’t be surprised if other economical factors were a reason, as well. It’s not just a change in price on iPad models, it seems.

It means that in Australia, Apple Music is jumping for subscribers on the individual and family plans, moving from $11.99 and $17.99 to $12.99 and $19.99 monthly respectively, while Apple TV jumps from $7.99 every month to $9.99 monthly

And the multi-service accounts which join a bunch of things up still look to offer value, but do it while asking you for more money. The individual, family, and premier plans for Apple One used to cost $19.95, $25.95, and $39.95 respectively, but will now see monthly prices of $21.95 for Apple One Individual, $28.95 for Apple One Family, and $42.95 for Apple One Premier.

The other services seem to be set at their original prices, at least for now, with the same monthly $14.99 spend for the magazines and extra articles available on Apple News+, while a $7.99 monthly subscription to Apple Arcade gets you games on Apple’s platforms.

However, with so many price changes, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more price hikes on the horizon, giving you yet one more thing to be ready to pay more for.

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