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Apple adds dance steps for Fitness+ on Dance Day

Busting a move isn’t just for the people who know how. If you have Apple’s Fitness programs, you can learn moves and lose weight.

April 29 is International Dance Day, and if you’re looking for a way to celebrate, you might be able to go beyond merely switching on your favourite track and dancing like no one is watching, whoever ended up saying it first.

In fact, if you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, and an Apple Fitness+ account, you might be able to dance while watching other people’s dance moves, as Apple adds a dance collection of fitness content covering rock, pop, and more.

The collection adds to the other Fitness+ additions Apple has made already, and brings dance workouts together with music from the likes of ABBA and Queen, while K-Pop band BTS also features in a workout set using dance moves and choreography from BTS videos, including “Butter” and “Dynamite”, potentially giving people not just something to work out with, but also something to add for their next TikTok-filmed dance video. Y’all know who you are.

However, if you’re not sure that you might be ready for those dances, among the additions to the service this week includes three workouts built to gradually gain confidence in dance moves, something Apple calls “Get into a groove with dance”.

Anyone interested in trying the service will still need the minimum requirements to make Apple Fitness+ work: an Apple Watch, an iPhone (which is needed for the Apple Watch), and then a subscription to Fitness+, with the service reliant on the Apple Watch to track vitals and throw them on the screen as you work out.

If that’s you, the dance class is online and ready for Dance Day, and probably beyond.

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