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Anker’s budget Soundcore gets truly wireless ANC to $130

No plans to spend big money on new earphones? No worries, as a fairly new player in Australia unveils a not-so-expensive option.

The category of inexpensive earphone options looks to have something new to talk about, as a brand popping up in projectors in Australia will also be playing in portable audio, too.

Anker might be fairly new in Australia, launching a 4K projector only recently, but it seems ready to compete with more than just the visual side of life, as it talk up a release from what it says is its premium audio brand offering active noise cancelling earphones on a budget, competing with some of the surprise price stunners we’ve seen previously.

It’s something coming from “Soundcore”, an Anker brand focused on audio, which offers speakers and headphones, and will be offering the Space A40 locally, a pair of ANC earbuds with 10mm drivers and up to 10 hours of battery life per charge, with what the company says is adaptive active noise cancellation, something typically reserved for the high-end.

Soundcore says its adaptive noise cancellation technology will analyse ambient sounds in real-time and adjust the strength of the ANC accordingly, isolating listeners from noise while they list to sounds that can be tailored to match their hearing, thanks to a feature called “HearID”, which sounds a little like the hearing test some headphones offer to tweak the sound, such as from how Skullcandy tweaks the sound to your ears or even how Australia’s Audeara gives you a sound test, and less like the automatic headphone test from Nura’s truly wireless NuraTrue.

And it’ll do it at a price, appearing in Australia for $129.99, while also bringing in a wirelessly charged case, which itself offers around four other charges, hitting as much as 50 hours in total.

There are other features that seem like budget attention grabbers, such as support for high-res audio covering LDAC on Android devices, handy if you’re someone looking for high-res on your phone, while Bluetooth Multipoint means up to two devices can be connected to the Space A40 earbuds at once.

As to how Soundcore’s Space A40 ANC earbuds will sound, that’s something we’re not sure about, but you can bet we’re looking forward to reviewing a pair to see how it competes with the best noise cancelling earphones around.

For now, Australians can find the Space A40 for just under $130 locally in both black and white.

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