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Alexa adds to the bar with alcohol-free recipes

Not everyone wants booze in a cocktail, and while you can ask Alexa to help you out with recipes to get you a little tipsy, you can now add to that with recipes that intentionally don’t.

Smart assistants can do a variety of things, from telling you the news, the weather, playing music, or even singing to your kids a number of songs, but you can also use them for instructions. Specifically, you can have them read a recipe or even ask it to help you make a drink.

We’ve certainly heard Alexa read out instructions for cocktails, something that rolled out two years ago, but not everyone wants to be a booze bud of sorts.

In fact, if you’re going alcohol free, you might be inclined to skip the instructions altogether. But you might not need to, because while the alcohol distributor of Johnny Walker and Bundaberg has an Alexa action for calling out recipes to you, it seems the alcohol-free equivalent does as well.

Lyre’s is joining the bar cart and Alexa skills club with its own degree of recipes for folks who don’t want alcohol in their drink, provided you ask the virtual assistant how to make a cocktail without alcohol.

Amazon told Pickr that low alcohol and no alcohol is apparently on track to outpace alcohol by 2025, which probably makes it a really bad time for this journalist to start an alcohol review website, but here we are, and interestingly Lyre’s skills won’t tell you how to make their non-alcoholic versions alcoholic in the slightest. They’ll also specifically mention Lyre’s products, which perhaps might be the point that digs slightly, because we prefer our helpful skills to be less a company promotion and more an actual help, but there we are, as well.

Alternatively, you can just ask Alexa or any other smart assistant to help you make a cocktail, and then substitute the ingredients with non-alcoholic beverages for your own personal mocktail creation, bypassing the brand entirely. If you have a smart speaker or smart display, you have options beyond choosing what to drink.

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