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Vodafone outs a deal for under 25, but not kids or teens

It’s back to school season, and the latest company to cash in on this is Vodafone, offering a new mobile plan for university students, but no other age group of students.

‘Tis the season for people to start thinking of the bits and pieces they may need for back to school, because in a few weeks, that’s exactly what people will be doing: going back to school.

It happens for the primary school kids starting or returning in K through 6, plus the high-schoolers in 7 through 12, and it happens for university students, too. It’s why you’ll see many a computer, phone, and pair of headphones pushed on sale in the weeks ahead, and why telcos are getting on the action, as well.

Earlier this week, it was Circles.Life offering its service for young folk, and now it’s Vodafone with a postpaid offer for folks under 25 to get 50GB per month on the SIM Only Lite plan for $31 monthly for the first 12 months, before it switches back to a $40 plan.

The plan essentially delivers unlimited talk and text for folks who sign up, as well as 50GB per month across 4G and 5G, now that Vodafone offers 5G connections on its network. Granted, you’ll need to be somewhere in reach of Vodafone’s 5G network to take advantage of 5G on Vodafone, but if you are, the $31 plan can be subscribed to by people in Australia aged 18 to 25.

“We’re making it easier for youth to connect with friends, family and the things that are important to them, because we know finances are tight for a lot of young people, especially due to COVID,” said Ana Bordeianu Chief Customer Office for Vodafone in Australia.

“We’ll have more youth offers launching over coming weeks so stay tuned,” she said.

But while youth is the main focus, Vodafone confirmed to Australia that this plan was only available for those aged 18 to 25, with younger subscribers unable to take advantage of the plan even if their parents signed them up.

A representative for Vodafone told Pickr that this was due to the minimum age for a plan to be signed up to, which is 18, and the company does “not market to under 18s”.

That means if parents do want to set their kids up with a back to school plan for the 2021 school year, this might not be the one to do it with. Rather, this one seems focused on those leaving high school, rather than going back to it, though folks who are interested will see it going into effect now.

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