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Samsung's next Unpacked about is for a "powerful" Galaxy

Samsung teases a more powerful Galaxy launch

There have been a fair few Samsung Galaxy phones launched already in 2021, and it’s only April, and yet there’s something else coming.

If you thought Apple’s event next week was the last big technology event for the month, you might want to think again. Samsung is also planning something, and we’re not quite sure what it is.

Teased with the title “the most powerful Galaxy is coming”, Samsung is planning another Galaxy Unpacked event for 10AM April 28 in America, which will translate to around midnight and the wee early hours of April 29 in Australia.

As to what Samsung is planning, we’re not quite sure. It’s unlikely the most powerful Galaxy phone this year is about to be replaced, as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is still so new, it seems unthinkable to have Samsung kill that off so early.

Rather, there’s a possibility we’ll see a computer powered by a Samsung chip, similar to how Apple’s efforts with the A-series processors found in its iPhone and iPad range made its way to Apple computers with the Apple Silicon M1. That resulted in the M1 MacBook Air and the M1 MacBook Pro 13, both of which are stellar products with speed and battery life aplenty.

There’s also the possibility of a new Galaxy phone, and the word “powerful” might be a reference to how much the device can do, not just in speed, which could infer a foldable device.

In fact, the teaser video Samsung has run almost directly suggests something more like a foldable, simply because of the box size used. Granted, that could be just a prop for the sake of entertainment, but if it isn’t, the box could house a powerful new take on a Samsung foldable, meant to take the place of last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2.

We’ll know before the end of May, that’s for sure.

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