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Samsung smartens wash, dry with new laundry machines

There are a few new appliances out in the world, and not just fridges, as Samsung brings AI to the laundry.

No matter where you look, there’s quite a bit happening in the world of machine learning and AI, and how it can benefit us. Optus is using it to translate languages on a phone call, Google is using it in a plethora of ways including understanding skin conditions and improving your phone’s camera, and that’s just to name a few.

Artificial intelligence and the world of machine learning is touching upon so many industries, it’s hard to keep track, and next might be your laundry. Essentially, by understanding your habits, a laundry machine may end up saving water and energy, and even saving you a bit of time trying to work out how to wash your clothes.

That’s part of what Samsung is rolling out in its latest laundry machines, with both a washer and dryer range supporting sensors designed to understand what you throw into your washer and dryer, optimising the water, detergent amount, and rinse time by understanding the soiling of the clothes and the weight, while also learning about your laundry machine usage.

The range is part of the Samsung Smart AI range, and includes three front-load washing machines — an 8.5 kilogram, a 12kg, and a 16kg — while the dryers are heatpump based and cover an 8kg, 9kg, and 10kg model. Each includes sensors to analyse the load, with the dryer able to talk to the washing machine over WiFi and synchronise the settings from these specific washing machine models, drying the clothes using what it deems as the correct cycle for the load.

Part of this logic comes from research showing that people own average use less than four of a washing machine’s roughly 14 wash cycle options, suggesting they’re after something easy and simple. With a system able to learn and take action for the everyday user, it means time is saved, while the system itself optimises for the load, potentially saving on water and detergent, at that.

On the dryer side of things, an “AI Dry” system uses up to nine sensors to check temperature and humidity levels inside the drum to adjust the drying time based on how the clothes are responding to the heat, as well.

“Samsung’s Smart AI range of Washing Machines and Dryers are designed to make doing the laundry simple – fast and effective,” said Andrew Wand, Director of Home Appliances at Samsung in Australia.

“They don’t just connect to WiFi, but also learn how you wash and give you real-time recommendations to make it less of a chore,” he said.

The range also includes other features, such as a bubble producing mode that aims to get suds into clothes in both hot and cold water, while Samsung’s AddWash door to let you throw in missed items like socks or underwear can be found throughout the washing machine range.

Pricing for the Samsung washing machines starts at $999 for the 8.5kg model, while the dryers start at $1599 locally.

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