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Movie Frenzy kicks in for a week of movie price cuts

Staying home has become the defacto norm of 2021, but if you need a reason to stay in beyond the obvious, movies are cheap this week.

With the number of movie streaming services available, there’s clearly no shortage of things to do while you’re at home, even if staying at home has become a normality most of us would leave this year.

However, while it’s still this year, if you’re planning on staying home for the next week, the home entertainment industry in Australia has a plan that might just help: inexpensive movies.

Many cinemas are closed and streaming services are plentiful, but that doesn’t mean every release is available for a monthly cost, even if we have just found out that Disney+ has added Free Guy, a movie we’ve wanted to see but was initially a cinema-only release.

Beyond that, the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association has announced that it’s doing another “Movie Frenzy” this week, dropping the cost of movie rentals across the various movie services in Australia, handy if the flick you want to watch or buy isn’t on an on-demand service you may or may not be paying for.

In the past, Movie Frenzy weeks have been a period of about a week where the prices of rentals have fallen from their typical $6.99 two day period to more like half of that dollar figure, and this week, it’s no different.

From October 1 to October 7, Movie Frenzy is touting $3 and under prices for select movies across a list of hundreds, including A Quiet Place Part II, The Father, Godzilla vs Kong, Greenland, Infinite, Nobody, Penguin Bloom, Peter Rabbit 2, Tom & Jerry, Wrath of Man, and more.

Much like how Disney+ has loaded Free Guy rather unexpectedly, some services may have some of those titles for free, so check before you buy. For instance, Greenland has been available on Amazon Prime Video, while Infinite was one of the movies to arrive on Paramount+ when it launched earlier in the year.

Regardless of this, however, Movie Frenzy kicks in for the next week, and can be found across all of the typical movie rental services, including iTunes, the Apple TV app, Google Play, Foxtel’s Store, Telstra TV Box Office, Amazon Prime Video’s movie rental service, and pretty much anywhere else online in Australia where you can rent recent films.

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