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Movie Frenzy kicks off with budget flicks

Looking for a night in with a recent film? The movie business is moving to keep people renting, and offering rentals at a bit of a discount.

Most people like a bit of a deal, and every so often something happens with talking about. While deals are fairly regular if you look around, often they’re spearheaded by an industry looking to make an impact on people, and stay at the front of mind.

These days, many of us are streaming from the big players, but they don’t always have the latest films. In fact, if you’re over the streaming channels available on your Smart TV, Apple TV, phone, tablet, web browser, or video game console, you might want to turn back to the classic rental instead.

Your local video store is probably non-existent, so the “classic rental” has to happen online. Services such as Apple’s iTunes, Google Play, and the respective options on the PlayStation and Xbox are typically the new video store, and this week might even be the week to do it, as Movie Frenzy kicks off, discounting recent select titles to get people watching some of these films.

Following an almost identical event that happened earlier in the year, Movie Frenzy is running from August 7 to August 13 — a week — offering discounts on a handful of films, including 1917, Bad Boys For Life, The Gentlemen, Jojo Rabbit, Just Mercy, and Sonic the Hedgehog, though others are on the list, too.

The move to run Movie Frenzy again this year comes from the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association, which appears to be focused on reminding people that renting is still a thing, even if we’re all doing quite a bit of streaming lately.

“[Movie Frenzy is] a great reminder of the huge range of films available to seamlessly rent or buy from Australia’s favourite digital retailers, without the need for a subscription,” said Jim Batchelor, Chairman of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association.

For folks who are interested in taking up the Movie Frenzy deals, we’re told that they’ll essentially go into action from Friday 7 for the week after, with rentals for $3 and under. They’ll run across the gamut of platforms, including Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft and Sony’s respective video stores on their video game consoles, as well as Fetch, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and the Telstra TV Box Office.

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