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LG adds fast 120Hz Dolby Vision HDR 4K on 2021 TVs

There’s already an upgrade on LG’s 2021 slate of TVs, as some of them get support for slicker gaming.

LG’s 2021 range of TVs haven’t been out for very long, but if you’ve already picked one up, you may find yourself with an upgrade of sorts, especially if you watch sports.

The rhyming wasn’t intentional there, but LG’s update to bring 4K HDR Dolby Vision to a few OLED TVs is, with the company rolling out a new spot of firmware (03.15.27) over the air granting the support for Dolby Vision at 120Hz.

It’s the sort of upgrade that won’t matter to everyone, but if you happen to be a gamer with a recent console or high-end PC, it could just about making your experience a little better, because a faster screen means slicker animations. Much like how a faster screen on a phone can lead to smoother animated experiences for the interface, support for a faster screen technology means the in-game animations can appear on screen with less noticeable tearing, keeping it looking slick overall.

And that’s what LG is rolling out across the 2021 C1 and G1 OLED TVs, while LG’s 8K Z1 OLED will also see the support alongside the Quantum Dot Mini LED flagship QNED99 later this month.

It means the screens will support high-dynamic range visuals at a faster speed, as well as some game optimisation technologies to show settings and stats in an on-screen heads-up display, giving you an idea of the latency and black levels of the TV.

LG also says it’s investigating whether other TVs from this year and last year can support Dolby Vision at 120Hz, which is at least something, different from how the company noted the latest version of webOS — webOS 6 — wouldn’t make its way to TVs from before 2021.

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