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Hisense Laser TV at CES 2021

Hisense upsizes laser TV in 2021

Laser projection delivers a pretty big picture already, but this year, Hisense has plans to make it even bigger.

There’s a lot happening at the online-only CES 2021, and much of it has to do with how you watch films and TV shows. Unsurprisingly, there are a bunch of televisions expected, because that’s where they’re always announced before release between March and June, but it’s not just about the typical screens, but also the atypical ones, as well.

Big screens that take up much of a wall are part of that, and include the likes of Samsung’s Micro LED concept previously known as “The Wall”, but also a part of the home theatre world called a “Laser TV”. Essentially a laser projection system that works as a television of sorts, it’s an area that’s built to provide a big picture that works in daylight and with the lights off, shining a positively massive picture to the wall.

We’ve seen Hisense dabble in this for the past few years, and this week at CES, it’s adding another size to its Laser TV line, another notch in the belt, so to speak.

The latest edition is a 120 inch Hisense L5F, joining the 100 inch that’s already in the market to project a huge wall-sized image for people who can afford it.

Hisense also promises more will be coming with two models to arrive in the future that will be even bigger again, ideal for those looking for the cinema experience at home.

While Hisense says larger models are coming, it hasn’t quite said what size they’ll be coming at. It’s probably wise to assume these might take up an entire wall, but if you have over 120 inches to project a picture on, it might be something to get excited over.

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