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Fairy bread

Google’s latest doodle is all about the Aussie classic fairy bread

Open up Google on Saturday, November 13, and you may find the odd sprinkle or two peeking out of your search engine.

There’s an Australian classic sitting on Google for November 13, even if it’s some 11 days before it needs to be there.

If you open up Google on a Saturday in the middle of the month, you’ll find a Google Doodle waiting for you boasting hundreds and thousands of hundreds and thousands.

And when you click it, you’ll find sprinkles of fairy bread falling from the screen in slices and triangles and dots galore, as Google’s celebration of fairy bread goes live.

Call it a fun Google Doodle, because that’s what this is, a celebration of an Australian and New Zealand classic, not because it’s Fairy Bread Day — that’s actually November 24 — but rather because it’s the birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson, who seems to have coined the term “fairy bread” in 1885.

It’s another interactive Google Doodle beyond the mere art, too, because similar to how you could play with this year’s Olympics Google Doodle, once the splash of sprinkles and bread goes on your screen, you can do it all again, pressing a button once or several times and letting the screen come to life with a splash of colour and sprinkles.

And sure, it’s not actually Fairy Bread Day until November 24, but it might just inspire you to grab some bread, smear some butter, and pop on some sprinkles, rekindling the feeling of being a kid in Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere else for a spell.

Google's interactive fairy bread Doodle
What happens when Google lets you share the joy of fairy bread in its search results.
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