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Google’s Olympic-themed doodle is a great way to waste time

Need something to brighten your day somewhat? Google has a new doodle in time for the Olympics, and it’s the fun you need in your web browser.

Whether you’re someone who cares about watching the Olympics or not, Google has a fun little time-wasting Google Doodle ready to play to celebrate the sports achievements happening overseas mixed with some of the flair that Japanese animation and games has brought us over the years.

You’ll play a little cat playing in the Doodle Island Championship Games, with a series of seven mini-games you can attempt in your web browser, with the scores even going to a leaderboard of sorts. It’s a little like the Olympics, but digital, 8-bit, and filled with anime-inspired cutscenes in between.

The games even draw inspiration from classic games, with a tennis match that is basically a version of Pong, artistic swimming borrowing from Dance Dance Revolution (yet for your keyboard’s arrow keys), and more.

There are a few games to check out on Doodle Island, and we suspect this will be Google’s fun doodle for much of the Olympics, but if you struggle to find it on the main Google page or want to find it when the Olympics is over, Google’s official Doodle page looks to have you covered, as well.

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