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Google I/O returns in 2021, all online

Google’s middle of the year developer show is back, and will be totally online because, well, you know why.

Last year was kind of a weird year, and I think we all know the reason: thanks, coronavirus.

It affected everything, and in the tech space, it cancelled shows left, right, and centre. We started listing them and updating an article every time something happened, with tech shows cancelling or moving to online only, the latter of which has become very common in the past year.

For instance, CES 2021 was online only, thanks in part to the surge of the coronavirus in the US, not to mention how little air travel was going on for journalists in their respective nations.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference was online only and free last year, and this year in 2021, Apple is doing the same thing.

And while Google cancelled its Google I/O mid-year developer show last year, this year, it’s full steam ahead, albeit in a digital way, and free, no less.

At the moment, the news expected from Google I/O 21 is expected to be about an upcoming version of Android, and likely other sides to Google, too, expanding on what the company offers not just on phones, bot possibly in the smart home with the Google Nest devices and likely on Google Search, too. It’s also possible we’ll see a new mid-range phone announced there to replace last year’s Pixel 4a.

We’ll find out more when Google I/O 2021 kicks off on May 18 in the US, which is May 19 in Australia, when the free event runs for developers, as well as people just generally interested in what’s new and coming from Google.

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