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EPOS cuts the cord with wire-free earphones for work, play

Sennheiser’s work and gaming focused brand has a new variety of truly wireless earphones, and they’re made for a little more than music on your phone.

There’s clearly no shortage of truly wireless earphone options, and while CES 2021 saw a few more, you might be waiting a few months before those arrive. If, however, you’re after a pair designed for work and play, and meant to work with both your phone and your computer, Sennheiser’s work brand might have something ready in a new pair.

It comes form EPOS, the brand previously known as “Sennheiser Communications” and which you can just think of as Sennheiser for work and gaming, because that’s largely what EPOS creates.

The latest introduction is the GTW 270 Hybrid, a pair of wireless and cordless earphones focused on PC, mobile, and console thanks to how they’ve been built, supporting standard wireless Bluetooth, plus supporting a wireless connection over a Type C USB dongle included in the package.

The idea of this means you can connect the Bluetooth earphones to a phone or console using Bluetooth, or you can connect that Type C dongle to something else with a Type C port, such as a Nintendo Switch or Android phone for wireless low latency audio.

While the connection is important, EPOS is making an effort with the design, using a database of 800,000 ear scans to build earphone casings that aim to reduce pressure on parts of the ear that aren’t flexible, and in turn making a pair designed to be ergonomic.

Inside, there’s a battery capable of handling up to five hours of battery life, while the case supports four more charges, making for a total of 25 hours. We’re told the earphones offer light water resistance at IPX5, but noise cancellation is not part of the package. Instead, EPOS has focused on low-latency balanced sound, plus microphones for clear communication.

“The discreet, yet iconic design makes the GTW 270 Hybrid an excellent product for those who are looking for amazing wireless earbuds for mobile gaming with the best audio quality and no latency,” said Maja Sand-Grimnitz, Head of Global Marketing for EPOS.

“Whether immersed in a gaming session at break time or catching a few rounds of their favourite game on their Switch or phone on a daily commute, the GTW 270 Hybrid delivers no-compromise sound excellence for the gamer on the go.”

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid with the USB Type C dongle arrives shortly for $349, while an option without the Type C dongle that is Bluetooth only is set to arrive later on for $299.

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