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EarFun enters with a less exy take on noise cancellation

Wish you didn’t have to spend much to get noise cancelling earphones? The price is dropping, as another new entrant arrives.

There’s always room for competition, and in the world of truly wireless earphones, competition is growing in leaps and bounds. While the technology ranges in capability, you can find it in various stages depending on how much you spend.

While last year, the price of noise cancellation started just under the $250 mark, this year in 2021, the price is much, much lower. Nothing’s Ear 1 offered noise cancellation for $149 alongside Huawei’s FreeBuds 4i, making for a new low price point for budget noise cancelling earphones, but there might be something with an even lower price on the horizon, and it’s from a new arrival in the country.

Much like how Ag launched in Australia earlier in the year, EarFun is launching locally and working with sound company Edifier to design and engineer drivers in a pair of budget noise cancelling earphones.

They’re coming in the AirPro, a pair of truly wireless earphones with an angular stem, a proprietary noise cancelling system, an IPX5 sweat resistance, and a $119.95 price tag, something we’ve not seen noise cancellation drop to yet.

It won’t be alone, though EarFun’s other entrant in Australia lacks noise cancellation, exchanging that for a smaller in-ear design without the stem and a low latency mode. Coming in at $79.95 locally, EarFun’s least expensive entry is IPX7 water resistant, and clearly going for the budget part of the market, which EarFun’s entire range might well be.

We’re told there are four other models coming to Australia, but the Air Pro and Free 2 will be the first of the bunch to arrive, bringing earphone options below the $150 mark.

As to what they sound like, we’ll let you know when we’ve heard them with our own ears, but you’ll find these in Australia at select stockists shortly.

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