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Ag offers the longest life wireless earphones at 180 hours

Need a pair of earphones with a battery that goes on and on? A new entrant has arrived with a week’s worth of life.

One of the constants in technology woes is battery life, because there’s a good chance you’re concerned you’re not getting enough. Whether it’s making your phone last the day or a little more, squeezing more than the work day from your laptop, or even getting your headphones to last a few hours more, battery life is a concern.

There are lots of ways this can be solved, but bigger batteries tend to be one of the more logical ways: throw in a bigger battery and you can typically expect more battery life. It’s a pretty direct approach to granting more battery life.

That may well be what a new entrant in the truly wireless earphone world is doing, as Japanese high-end audio brand Final introduces a new brand, “Ag”. It’s a different take on headphones for a brand that has headphones over the $3K mark in Australia, with Ag focused on more consumer friendly prices, sitting under $200.

We’re told the inspiration comes from the word “arigatakimono”, which means “one of a kind” or “appreciation”, and will see Final using its experience in audio to bring solid audio to a lower price point.

And it may not just be an understanding of audio, with one of the two products on the way supporting a staggering amount of battery life.

Ag’s first truly wireless earphones, the TWS04K, touts an understanding of audio and an IPX7 water resistance rating, but also a week’s worth of battery life. Literally.

The case used for recharging the Ag TWS04K stores a staggering 180 hours of battery life, with the earphones reportedly holding enough charge for up to nine hours in standard playback and up to six hours over AptX.

Priced at $199.99 in Australia, the Ag TWS04K is a different approach for earphones, for sure, with long-life the main feature, but it’s not the only type of headphone coming from the new brand in the beginning.

There’s also a pair of headphones in the way, with a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones coming in the Ag WHP01K, which deliver active noise cancellation to a 35 hour pair of wireless headphones for $149.99 locally.

You’ll be able to find both entrants from Ag at audio specialists across Australia now.

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