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EA Play gets added to Xbox Game Pass on PC

If you like EA’s games and you’re a PC gamer, you might be tempted by Microsoft’s Game Pass service given what you now get.

Microsoft and EA aren’t quite getting married, but they are coming together for some positive news if you’re a PC gamer with or consider an Xbox Game Pass on the PC.

The news is simple: if you have Microsoft’s monthly gaming service on Windows PC, you’ll also get access to EA’s service for the same price, basically giving you two for the price of one.

It’s a deal that’s already available to Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, a service that offers Microsoft’s monthly game subscription to both Xbox and Windows, but Microsoft is now extending the EA Game Pass love to people who subscribe just to the Windows PC edition, Xbox Game Pass for PC. For those subscribers, it means that a monthly cost of $10.95 in Australia will provide titles from both the Microsoft service and the EA service, which are run independently.

It’s not quite double the games, but it does mean more titles for the same cost from EA’s library, while the respective service — Xbox Game Pass for Xbox — misses out on EA Play.

The joint service for both Xbox and Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — which costs $15.95 monthly in Australia — includes the access to EA Play, too, but costs a little more.

Overall, Microsoft says EA Play adds more than 60 EA games to the package, with at least one title released relatively recently, Star Wars: Squadrons. There are others, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Command & Conquer, The Sims, and quite a few sports titles, too, with trials to other games, too.

Microsoft’s service could well be a compelling option for folks gaming on the PC, as it delivers quite a few games for a monthly cost, much like how Apple Arcade offers several games for a monthly cost, too. Subscribers will find EA Play active on the service now.

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