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Canon hints at crazy fast capture speed for EOS R3

If you’re looking to capture sports or wildlife, or really anything as fast as possible, Canon’s next full-frame mirrorless will boast large frames per second.

Cameras aren’t always clearly the same, and the more you spend, the bigger and speedier the camera you’re likely to get. Just take a look at the cameras geared at professionals, because those things are often fast and carry a large price tag.

While we don’t yet know how much Canon’s next big professional camera will be, we do know roughly how fast it should be, as Canon has revealed what we can expect in the EOS R3.

Previously hinted at back in April with the first image of a large-bodied mirrorless camera, Canon is leaking a little more about the camera for folks who want to know, with the camera able to lock on focus more quickly thanks to the Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology it has, work in low light to do so, and then fire off some super fast shots.

Specially, Canon says the EOS R3 will fire RAW images at 30 frames per second with full autofocus tracking, thanks to an electronic shutter. There’s no mirror box firing up and down here because the R3 is one of Canon’s R-series mirrorless bodies, and so it captures from an electronic system entirely.

Canon is also including weather and dust resistance in the body, as well as both WiFi and wired Ethernet in the design, making it controllable from a phone or tablet, or networked somewhere else. If you’re a professional photographer, that might mean you’ll be able to set the EOS R3 somewhere and control it from a device while viewing the images from, just before you send them to someone who needs them.

That price tag is still missing in action from this professional camera, but we’re expecting it in the next few months, as well as more information on what we can expect for Canon’s EOS R3, so stay tuned.

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