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Razer Opus THX wireless noise cancelling headphones

THX sound comes to more Windows PCs thanks to Razer

The “Deep Note” might be what you typically think of when you see the name THX, but it could just mean more impactful sound on your gaming PC soon enough.

When Razer bought THX, we didn’t really know what we were going to expect, except for maybe a little more use of THX’s understanding of sound in its new products. We got a little bit of that in a recent announcement with the Razer Opus, a pair of noise cancelling headphones built with THX in mind, but there hasn’t been much.

This week, however, we’re able to see at least one more thing that THX and Razer have been cooking up together, working to bring that THX sound to more PCs regardless of the sound system they might be using.

It’ll come via an app purchase, delivering “THX Spatial Audio” to emulate surround sound for Windows PCs, modelling three dimensional audio with THX Tuned Presets that you can modify or create your own with.

In the software, Razer and THX will provide speaker positioning, distance, and volume controls, regardless of the headphones you’re using. It’s more of a software approach, taking over for the audio driver and working on both 3.5mm and Bluetooth audio, with games supported through up-mixing.

Available for Windows only, it will cost around $16.45 for an upgrade from 7.1 surround headsets from Razer, while everyone else keen to try it will likely need the $32.90 app available from Razer.

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