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Samsung refreshes your clothes with a standup steamer

Not quite a dry cleaner, but also not far from what they can do, Samsung’s steam cleaning system in a box could be a micro wardrobe for your life.

We can’t all live in a dry cleaner, and most of us don’t have that sort of access whereby easy dry cleaning is possible from within the house. We’d venture a guess and say most people don’t, and have to instead rely on the approach for washing, drying, and then maybe ironing to make sure their clothes are ready for the next day out.

Washing is a thing and a regular part of everyday life, and if you have to venture out to get your clothes dry cleaned, you probably have a friendly and professional relationship with your nearby laundromat to make sure the professionals get your clothes looking good and smelling right.

But if your regular movements with the nearby dry cleaner are something you’d prefer to be able to take in-house, short of moving in above or behind one, you may not have a lot of options.

Technology has the answer, however, and Samsung is coming to the rescue for folks who need a dry cleaner of sorts, with the emphasis being on “of sorts”.

A similar approach is launching in Samsung’s “AirDresser”, a small wardrobe of sorts that can fit a few shirts, dresses, or jackets, and uses the power of steam to clean what’s inside.

The AirDresser isn’t quite a dry cleaner, because despite their name, dry cleaners use a liquid detergent to clean without water before being dried and pressed (a dry cleaner is only “dry” because it doesn’t use water).

Samsung’s AirDresser is similar in that it doesn’t use water, but it doesn’t use any chemicals or detergents to clean, either, opting instead for the power of steam, something Samsung has been using in its washing machines for a number of years now.

A little bit different, however, Samsung’s AirDresser uses a combination of special hangers, steam, and a heat-pump to dry and keep clothes wrinkle-free, making for a difference case than your washing machine, which you’ll probably still need for most things you we are. Instead, this is for removing germs, allergens, bacteria, scents and odours, and even viruses, which the AirDresser can work with.

Making this happen is Samsung’s Jet Air steam system, which pushes steam out at a high temperature to rid fabric of 99 percent of these things, effectively sanitising clothes and garments.

As far as what viruses the Samsung AirDresser can make a dent on, we’re told it includes the Adenovirus, Influenza, and Herpesvirus, but that right now COVID-19 and the Coronavirus have not been tested for this appliance. However gases and odours have also been removed with the steam technology found inside, providing a way to remove the scent of a night out in a box made for the home.

And it’s a box that doesn’t require the slightly more complex installation of a washing machine, needing only space and able to operate in a standalone capacity.

That makes it ideal for the bedroom, but also possible to be installed in other parts of the home, too. No plumbing for the AirDresser means it can effectively run in any part of the home, distinct from the requirements of a washing machine.

“With AirDresser, we’re helping Australians to quickly and easily refresh and care for their clothes while also enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the elimination of dust and odours,” said Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics for Samsung in Australia.

“Whether due to issues of poor air quality or a heightened awareness of everyday hygiene measures, people are more conscious of the spread of odours and germs than ever before, which is why AirDresser is so relevant to many Australians,” he said.

One thing Australians will need is a reasonable amount of money, as the Samsung AirDresser isn’t cheap, attracting a local price of $3999. That’s going to put it out of reach for many an Australian, though clearly folks who rely on the dry cleaner day-in, day-out are probably going to see the value before others.

You’ll find the Samsung AirDresser from Samsung’s website, and at select retailers across the country now.

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