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Realme C3 (2020)

Realme latest’s mobile offers a big battery for budgets

For less than $300, Realme is hoping to entice folks looking for a big screen and a big battery without having to drop big dollars.

If you’re in need of a new phone but not in need of spending up big, the market can be pretty interesting. While the flagship phones are typically where you see the developments, there’s still some interesting things happening if you’re not prepared to spend quite a bit of money, and that’s thanks to the technology becoming more affordable, trickling down over time into more cost-effective solutions.

We’ve seen it in affordable phones over the years, and while phones have increased in cost altogether over the years, there are still options to be found if you’re prepared to wait.

For instance, if you need a big screen and a big battery for a smallish price, and are okay with omitting things like a high-end resolution and product materials, you might find something new worth checking out.

That’s what we’re seeing from Oppo’s sister brand Realme this week, which has announced the $269 Realme C3 is launching in Australia.

For under $300, Realme is hoping to impress on big features such as a 6.5 inch screen, three camera setup on the back, and a massive 5000mAh battery, which should achieve at least two days of battery life thanks to at least one of the compromises.

One of those compromises is the screen resolution, which is relatively low at HD+’s 1600×720, making it not quite as sharp as the Full HD or Quad HD screens phones typically see, but should help the Realme C3 get the most out of its 5000mAh battery. Another is likely the material, with glass being used for the screen, though the phone may lack the same premium feel as other handsets in the market, forging a a metal frame or a full glass body.

The triple camera may also help the C3 cut down on price, thanks to a 12 megapixel main camera, plus two 2 megapixel cameras for both macro and portrait.

Realme is relying on a MediaTek Helio processor to handle the hard stuff, and that’ll likely help the battery, too, with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage found for that sub-$300 cost, too.

And for a nice change, Realme’s $269 C3 will also feature NFC, meaning the Realme C3 can be used for Google Pay in Australia, provided your bank supports it. The wireless technology that is NFC (Near-Field Communication) is necessary for Google Pay and a welcome addition, as it’s something typically missed out of budget phones, particularly those that come in under $300 mark, and is even rare in phones under the $500 mark.

“This latest innovation from Realme delivers on our promise to continuously cater to the demands of young Aussies and users across the globe,” said Andy Yang, Managing Director of Realme in Australia.

“We are always looking for ways to arm our customers with premium smartphones at a competitive price, all the while prioritising innovations that fulfill our ‘Dare to Leap’ brand concept. The C3 does exactly this,” he said.

The Realme C3 is available in Australia for a recommended retail price of $269, found online from Amazon, Bing Lee, eBay, JB HiFi, Mobilciti, and Realme’s own online store.

Realme C3 (2020)

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