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Oppo tackles the mid-range with $499 A91

Budget and mid-range is an area Oppo knows well, and this week it’s adding one more option, arriving in a properly mid-range option.

There’s one more option if you’re interested in upgrading your phone without spending up a fortune, as Oppo looks to the mid-range once again.

It’s an area Oppo has spent quite a bit of time in over the past few years, and it’s an area the company is still looking to make an impact in, as it updates its A-series, which in the past year as seen quite a few models.

The latest to be included in that series is the A91, a mid-range set that wraps a large battery under a fairly large full-screen display that takes up much of the front, save for the small teardrop notch for the front-facing camera.

The Oppo A91 is a 6.4 inch phone sporting a MediaTek eight-core chip inside, plus four cameras on the back and a 4025mAh battery underneath it all.

Design-wise, the Oppo A91 looks very similar to what Oppo’s sister brand Realme pitched in the Realme XT last year, albeit with a few changes, such as a lower resolution camera, a different chip, though a marginally bigger battery is there all the same.

Amidst the current climate, a mid-range phone upgrade may be more palatable for people looking to change, especially given how pricey high-end phones can cost these days. With models fetching well and truly past the thousand dollar mark these days (and into two grand), a $500 phone outright might make sense.

One catch, however, is that the Oppo A91 appears to keep with Oppo’s trend for not support Near-Field Communication (NFC), meaning no Google Pay support. We’re checking with Oppo Australia to see if this is the case, but it might mean Oppo’s Reno Z could be a better deal given it supports NFC, albeit with a marginally smaller camera size and setup.

The Oppo A91 does feature one thing we haven’t seen in many mid-range phones, though: an in-screen fingerprint sensor. That’s an interesting inclusion for a mid-range phone, and joins a face security system to provide two options for logging in, not just one over the other.

“The A91 is Oppo’s latest premium but affordable device, giving Aussies a quality smartphone packed full of the features they want and need,” said Michael Tran, Managing Director for Oppo in Australia.

“At Oppo, the user is at the centre of everything we do and we’re proud to continue bringing Aussies a range of premium devices packed with the latest innovation and features without the hefty price tag,” he said.

The Oppo A91 is available in stores this week, arriving at JB HiFi, Officerworks, Mobileciti, Amazon, and Woolies Mobile for $499, with Vodafone to follow next week.

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