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New smartphone brand “Realme” coming to mid-range mobiles

Your mobile phone selection is about to get even wider, as a mid-range player Realme looks set to offer even more choices.

Even though Apple and Samsung are probably among the best known phone makers, there is way more to choose from than merely the number two.

Locally, you can put get a Google, ogle an Oppo, puts your hands on Huawei, look at LG, nab a Nokia, and , not to mention some of the other options in Alcatel, BlackBerry, Motorola, Razer, Xiaomi, and the recent addition of Aspera.

Simply put, you have choices when it comes time to buying a new phone, and you’re about to get one more.

A relative newcomer to the world of smartphones, Realme is getting ready to launch in mid-October, landing locally online and at retailers from October 17.

Founded by a former Oppo member, Realme’s phones aim to provide devices at price points between $200 and $500, effectively handling the mid-range, and using Oppo’s production line, supply chain, and ColorOS Android-based operating system. That means Realme phones will likely share some aspects with Oppo phones, and we expect similar designs to being part of that.

However representatives for Realme have told Pickr that the company is distinct from Oppo, and has its own development facilities, as well as an independent design team.

Realme isn’t entirely new to the world, though, launching last year to countries including China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia, among others, while May 2019 saw introduction into England, Spain, Italy, and France. Australia appears next, and the focus for Realme appears to be people not looking necessarily to spend up big on their next smartphone purchase.

“Young people don’t need to spend a fortune to access high quality phones with larger battery life and storage, rapid charging and superior camera technology,” said Andy Yang, Managing Director of Realme in Australia.

“Our customers are young and brave and we’re excited to share our innovations with Australian consumers,” he said.

Right now, what $200 to $500 gets you in Australia hasn’t been quite confirmed, but with the launch in just a few weeks, it won’t be long until we know for sure.

Realme X
The Realme X could be one of the phones Australia sees.
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