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Optus takes on low-cost mobile plans with Gomo

Not a fan of your telco and looking to switch? While there’s certainly no shortage of choices, there’s yet one more this week, as Gomo arrives.

There’s yet another mobile telco in Australia this week, and like TPG & Vodafone’s Felix, it’s an option coming from a larger telco.

Hinted at only weeks ago when Optus bought Amaysim, one of Australia’s big three telcos said it would have a smaller operator coming, with a mobile brand launching with a single plan. Called Gomo — and likely short for “go mobile”, though we’re waiting on confirmation of that — Gomo is Optus’ latest take on a simple mobile provider, offering one plan through its service for folks who don’t necessarily want to pay for a lot, but still want a reasonable amount.

Think of Gomo as another budget offering from a larger company, without being direct and saying it’s from a larger company.

Make no mistake, Gomo is an Optus company, but it’s one that won’t sell phones and is very much into the BYO deal when it comes to operating. You’ll bring your mobile phone, and Gomo will sell one plan, in an attempt to make things simple. That plan is a $25 monthly plan, offering unlimited calls and texts to phones across Australia, unlimited international calls to 15 select places including US, UK, New Zealand, France, Singapore, and more, and then 18GB of monthly downloads on your phone.

Gomo is also bringing a data rollover feature, whereby if you don’t go through the full 18GB, your data can roll over to the next month, and so on, with as much as 200GB included for the live of your data roll over. However unlike other telcos, it’s also skipping the unlimited data option so many telcos rely on if your data amount ends, with a data booster at the end offering 5GB for $5.

Typically $25 monthly, to sweeten the pot, Optus says it will be offering the first 5000 Gomo customers the first month for $1, while also offering a “buy three months, get three free” plan, with three months available free if three are purchased.

“Gomo is the go-to solution for Australians who just want more affordable, mobile connectivity, plain and easy,” said Matt Williams, Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue at Optus.

“We know customers prefer digital service options, so we’ve prioritised that in our offering, along with flexibility and simple activation, so value-seekers get everything they want, and nothing they don’t,” he said.

We’re checking whether the “everything they want” also means support for the Optus 5G network, something which has been switched on and is growing, though it wouldn’t surprise as if in the early days, it’s not quite like that. For now, it could just be 4G below $30, which for many might be all it needs to be.

UPDATE: Optus has confirmed to Pickr that no 5G support will be available for Gomo users, and have also told us that “Gomo” doesn’t mean “go mobile”.

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