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Klipsch’s 2020 truly wireless range is small, sporty

There’s yet more choice in the world of truly wireless earphones, as Klipsch updates its options, and partners with a race team for one.

When you think of headphones and earphones, you might be inclined to think of brands like Sony, Bose, Beats, Apple and Jabra, but there are plenty out there.

Some have even been operating for quite a while, way back before the 50s. There aren’t many which are quite that old, but if you look, you might be able to find some, including those that have grown with the times.

One of those could be seen as Klipsch, an audio brand that first started in 1946 and has been churning out audio gear in the 70 years since. Next year will even see its 75th anniversary, and ahead of that, the company is talking about some of the changes it’s making to personal audio, a space that is growing in a big way lately.

You’ll have seen it in people’s ears over the past three or four years, as more brands embrace the “truly wireless”, an audio style that cuts the cords on Bluetooth audio almost entirely, allowing you to listen to your tunes unencumbered, thanks to there being no wired between individual earphones.

Klipsch got into this space a little later than other players, with the T5 launching locally late last year, but the company is back already with a second generation, and one that runs across three styles, dependent on what you’re into.

In the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless, the earphones are a little smaller, around 25 percent, in fact, with beam forming microphones on the outside to improve the microphones and an IP67 water-resistance. Like the first-gen model, they still come in a case reminiscent of a Zippo lighter, but they’re not all of the options.

A more sporty approach can be found in the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport, which appear to be more or less the same thing, but with a slightly more heavy duty and water-resistant case, almost like it’s a pint-sized Pelican case.

And for folks who love car racing, there’s also a McLaren collaboration, which offers the T5 II True Wireless Sport in a McLaren racing team edition. It might even pair nicely with the other McLaren special edition devices, such as the HTC Vive McLaren model that popped up.

All three models should be heading to stores across Australia online and offline in the coming weeks, with the Klipsch T5 True Wireless II for $399, the T5 II True Wireless Sport for $449, and the McLaren edition for $499.

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