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Incipio Organicore compostable cases

Incipio’s Organicore is a compostable iPhone case

Not a fan of waste? Once you’re done with Incipio’s latest case, you can return it from the ground from whence it came.

We’re gradually seeing more companies embrace green initiatives to help the planet, and while that includes companies recycling components to make more of them, such as how Apple recycles its gadgets to help make more, there are other approaches that grab attention as well.

In the case space, Incipio is looking towards a more eco-friendly customer with something it launched at CES 2020, specifically a type of material that makes the case compostable. That is to say when you’re done with the iPhone case — presumably because you might be moving onto a new phone in a year or two’s time — instead of throwing out the iPhone case, you merely compost it.

That’s part of Incipio’s plant-based initiative, that sees its Organicore cases made from a proprietary material that is 100 percent compostable material developed to reduce landfill waste and break down in a compostable environment. Biodegradable, Incipio says Organicore will break down as early as six months in industrial facilities, but should be compostable at home, too.

Aside for being a little more earth-friendly than a standard silicone or plastic case, Incipio is also talking up the material’s durability, tested for protection of just under 2 metres (1.8m), and with a raised bezel for supported phones to improve screen protection.

If the environmentally friendly angle is the main reason you’re interested in Incipio’s Organicore, the packaging is also part of the reasons to consider it, with a 100 percent recyclable pack with water-based ink, something we’re also seeing in other cases, such as EFM’s recent 85 percent plant-based push for its D3O-equipped cases.

“As a global leader in device protection, we recognised a need to bring eco-conscious solutions with proven protection to the category,” said Brian Stech, CEO of Incipio.

“By introducing 100 percent compostable slim and protective cases to the market, we are able to provide consumers with a wide range of solutions that better serve the planet and our future — so everyone can do their part,” he said.

Initially, the Incipio Organicore cases will be coming for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max in three colours — green, grey, and beige — but Incipio has said to expect Organicore for more devices in the coming months, including other smartphones, tablets, and wearables including the AirPods and AirPods Pro. Pricing in Australia should be around the $49.95 mark, however, with availability at JB HiFi and Optus stores shortly.

Incipio Organicore compostable phone cases

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