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iFrogz AirTime Vibe ANC headphones

IFrogz joins noise cancellation for under $200

Noise cancellation technology typically attracts a higher price tag, Zagg’s headphone brand is looking to get in with a low-cost option.

There’s a fair amount of CES overflow that we’re still getting through, and while new and exciting technology typically is the go, sometimes it’s the more cost-effective approaches that get attention.

One of these we didn’t get to see, but has been announced for Australian release in the coming weeks, as the Zagg brand iFrogz looks to improve on its slate of locally released headphones, offering two models including a pair of truly wireless earphones built to compete with the Apple AirPods, as well as a pair of noise cancelling headphones that get it under $200.

The releases come as part of iFrogz’s AirTime range, which includes the AirTime Vibe ANC and the AirTime Sport, two distinct options that aim to get wireless sound to people without having to necessarily fork out an arm or a leg, making them offerings for budgets.

iFrogz AirTime Sport

The iFrogz AirTime Sport are your typical truly wireless earphones, offering Bluetooth 5.0, a rechargeable battery case, and an IPX5 water resistance, essentially pitting them against earphones such as the BlueAnt Pump Air 2 at their price of $149.95.

On the other hand, the iFrogz AirTime Vibe ANC are larger over-ear headphones offering wireless sound, active noise cancellation, and a foldable design for a local price of $179.95.

That’s under the minimum $200 we typically expect noise cancelling headphones to fall under, though Zagg hasn’t said whether the cancellation is fixed to one frequency or whether it’s adaptive. Our expectation is that like the Skullcandy inexpensive Venue noise cancelling headphones, the cancellation on offer will likely be fixed and be great on flights, but not necessarily as solid as you walk around.
iFrogz AirTime Vibe ANC headphones

“Whether you’re trying to take a work call while commuting or getting in an early-morning jog to start your day, our newest AirTime headphones and earbuds provide you with an affordable audio solution for any situation,” said Gavin Slevin, Managing Director for Zagg International.

“We are excited to offer consumers our first active noise cancellation headphone with a competitive feature set at a price many can afford,” he said.

While these releases are technically a CES announcement, Zagg has said that local availability should see both available by the end of the month, with the AirTime Vibe noise cancelling headphones found online now for $179.95 in Australia, while the AirTime Sport wireless earphones will see release in late January for $149.95.

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