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This pillow looks comfortable, doesn't it? Sleep. Sleep.

Audible enlists Diddy, Jonas to get you relaxed

We all relax in different ways. It might be music or the soothing voices of others. To help with that last one, Audible has enlisted a few voices to help you chill out.

“Keep calm and carry on” the poster typically says, but sometimes it’s easiest said than done. As we’re all at home self-isolating and keeping our distance, carrying on is all most of can do, but it doesn’t always fit so well with keeping calm.

Between the news of the world and the frustration of it all, it can be all too easy to get swept up in the frustration and struggle to get some much needed sleep, with those “zzz” missing in action for many.

There’s no easy cure for sleeplessness, either. Ask someone who struggles with sleep and you’ll find all manner of suggestions pushed their way, though meditation is often one we’ve heard. Of course, there are numerous way to guide yourself into meditation, but Amazon’s audiobook brand Audible has connected with some celebrities this week provide some free meditations over the next month (for at least that month, though it’s possible it will keep them free longer).

The meditations are part of ten titles Audible has released, working with the likes of hip-hop producer and artist Diddy, as well as fellow artist Nick Jonas, as well as a few others, too. One of the titles is all about bringing in the sound sensation of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response known as “ASMR”, while others will have you focused on breathing and calming down.

Not technically audiobooks, Audible’s release of the ten free meditation and calming titles are more like short audio experiences intended to get you to calm down and rested comfortably, which may lead to you fulfilling what the poster says: keep calm and carry on.

The good news is that they’re free on Audible until near the end of May, so if you don’t like them, it’s not as if you’ve paid anything for them to begin with.

Audible’s 10 sleep titles are available through the Audible app and are free now until May 21.

By the end, hopefully you’ll be sleeping.
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